Tips for Transitioning To a Superior Website

Is it time to transition to a better website? There comes a time for many businesses that they decide to transition to something more robust or visually appealing. Here are some tips to help you have as smooth a transition as possible.

Carefully Shop Around

You probably want a website that looks better. Or maybe you want a site that does more than today's site. Maybe you want both. Look at your options and you're likely to be pleasantly surprised at what's out there versus what was available when you started your website. The world of e-commerce moves at the speed of light so it's smart to periodically look at what's out there for services and solutions. Look at pricing and carefully look at the reputation of service providers before making a decision and cancelling any existing services.

Industry Research

Before you decide what you want, try to figure out what your industry wants.

Look at service providers' options and look at what your competitors are doing. Check local competitors and the companies dominating your niche in other cities as well. Do you see something you like? Do you see any gaps that your new website could potentially fill? Have you determined where you should tweak your marketing strategy going forward?

Before signing up with a new company for hosting, web design, to buy best free responsive wordpress themes for bloggers from, or for search engine optimization services, look at what they can offer you and at what others say about their services before signing contracts or paying a deposit.


Testing your new site is imperative before making it live - particularly if your site needs to process transactions of any sort. This is especially true if your existing website has a good flow of traffic and / or transactions. Any down time could be costly and send your customers to the nearest competitor. Test servers can be a great way to see what your website will look like when it's finished without interfering with your customers.


Carefully weigh your options before creating a new site. If possible, transition old info to the new site so you won't lose existing rankings and traffic. Your provider should be able to help you migrate, rather than start over. Redirects will point people landing on old pages through search engine results or existing links over to your new and improved website.

Transitioning to something new can be a very good thing. Just because your old site isn't broken doesn't mean it couldn't use some optimizing, a fresh theme or template, new content, a business blog addition, some social media optimization, and a stronger call to action. The right tools and a careful transition plan could help you strategies and plan for powerful marketing efforts that could increase your profits.


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