So, do not you think you're a superstitious bingo player? In the United Kingdom, 90-ball bingo is the game of choice, while 75-ball bingo is the most common in the United States. One thing is sure no matter what country you play bingo, there will be superstitious and happy charm. You may not realize, but much of what you do when playing bingo is in the old-fashioned superstition. There is a method to the madness of a bingo player.

For Craps players you can definitely understand superstition. Next time kiss or blow your dice before you roll, think about why you do it. Because it will bring you happiness of course! If you do not go through that step, you do not win well? The point is, that's what you believe.

By going through our gambling rituals, you bring some energy and excitement to the game. There are actually studies on the number of bingo players who use each session a symbol, ritual or happiness charm.

Do not you think you have rituals? Okay, do you have to have the same seat in the bingo hall every time? When it's taken, does it take you time to sit comfortably somewhere else? Certainly, it does and guess what, that's a superstitious ritual. A smaller player of players can treat it a bit differently. In fact, somewhere else there is no option. If you are not regular, do not be surprised if a player (possibly foaming) demands that you find another place.

Using multi colored dabbers, another method has been used. I have personally known players who need to exchange colors for all three parts of a 90-ball bingo game. Some colors are just happy. If you have won blue, you will keep blue. If you lose blue, then happiness turns red. No red, then luck may be green. And it goes on and over again.

The bottom line is that we do these seemingly strange things to win money. We believe that if something brings us happiness that will remain. If it is not broken, do not make it right as they say.

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