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It goes without saying that problem gambling is a serious problem. I recently came across the result of the 34-year-old Lisa Carville's story and thought I would share it.Carville was an accountant who struggled with an addiction to online bingo. She pleaded guilty to 18 charges of stolen customer money for the purpose of paying tax bills. As a result of her actions, she was recently sentenced to six months in prison.

Carville was $ 50,000 from her customers, which she spent on various online bingo sites.
As an employee of Peter O'Hare Accountants, Carville has charged the checks between January 2010 and September 2016 except one.

The Crown Court Downpatrick listened to how they needed money and heard how this addiction became so bad.Since 2006, Carville has been a member of a certain online bingo site since several times and eventually increased over time. She became ashamed of what she had done to attempt suicide as soon as her actions were open, which delayed the investigation while looking for treatment.

Successor Pro Mrs Sam Jessi emphasized her ability to see the balance of people with the HMRC and continued with the remnants of remnants.The cover was blown in September 2016 by her schedule when the tax authorities asked a client about a check that was made personally to Carville. The customer made a call to O'Hare who was not at all aware of what their accountant was.

When she was approached for the check, Carville said she was sick and went home for the day.Joel Lindsay, the defense, showed that Carville's gambling pattern proves that it started slowly and "it's raised and raised and raised".With the help of family loans she has recovered £ 5,000 from the money she had taken and did a new job to help pay for the rest. Carville has also sought treatment for her problem gambling.

Linda Jasei sentenced Carville to 18 months in prison, which meant she had to serve 6.
"It's unlikely that a professional person who misuses a fiduciary relationship with employer and customer can effectively avoid imprisonment even in the light of the strongest personal softness," said Linda Jasei.

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