I have a big problem with a certain number. That little number is legs eleven. This is the first time I've ever hated and put it all down, it's a hate song. I remember playing a side game at bingo and I needed a number, you ate it. # 11. Anyway, I waited and waited and waited but never came out. It was then and there that our war began.

This curse is a curse that I can not rid myself of. It has been happening for nearly a year. If I have a good bingo card and I come close but it contains # 11, I know I can throw the ticket as well.

I remember a big game at my bingo club. I love Friday night for bingo because there are big prizes. I'm close, very close, with the full house price of £ 500. I missed the single line and the double line, but I was very beautifully set up for the house. I look at the numbers I needed for the house and one of them was 11. I tried to forget that I was burned so often in the past and made myself excited. Certainly, my ticket was full, except for a number, 11. I hoped and prayed that it would come but never did.

How are these curses happening? How long does it take and can I find out? Is there perhaps a pot of frog legs and the hair of a troll that will heal me?

I recently thought that I was about to free myself. I was playing at Mecca Bingo online and I needed a number for the house price. Yes, it was 11 but I had enough time to get it. I had a really good card. I swear 7 or 8 calls went on and I just knew 11 would be called, reality said it. I'm cursed!

I think I'm the only way to rid myself of such a miserable curse, actually bingo on the song. I'll sit and wait until the glorious day comes and I'm bouncing on bingo at # 11, my biggest job.

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